With our healthy meals, we will achieve your desired goals!


This is the most common purpose of our home delivery box diet. We help out our clients to lose weight through nutritionally balanced and healthy food.

Muscles like good calories. As a result, many athletes require more than 4,000 kcal. Our meal delivery service is ready to deliver good quality food straight to your muscles.


Using a box diet saves a lot of time, so you can devote yourself to your favorite type of activity. Our portion sizes are made in a way that you do not get hungry too fast!

Changing your lifestyle is about a healthy diet and a conscious choice of food preferences.

Why Power Meal Diet Delivery Meals?

Good food delivery service is not just about satisfying hunger but about providing the body with as many nutrients as possible using the highest quality products.

Being provided with a healthy and tasty menu, sticking to your diet becomes a pleasure rather than a daily battle with yourself. The boxed diet is meant to be tailored to you rather than you to the diet. Our boxed meals consist of five balanced meals created by combining the knowledge and experience of our team, who specialise in different areas of life responsible for proper human development. When composing meals for you, we choose the best natural products exclusively. This ensures that we cook for you deliciously and, most importantly, healthily at all times. Change of eating habits is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.

No time to prepare meals? Our freshly prepared diet will make it instead of you and just for you.

Benefits of Delivery Diet Meals - Food delivered to your door!

The Delivery Diet is a weight loss food delivery service that offers healthy, fresh meals delivered to your door. The program is designed to help you shed pounds and inches with a combination of calorie-controlled meals and easy-to-follow advice.
Delivery Diet Meals is the perfect solution for people who are looking for an easy way to lose weight, but don't have the time or energy to cook.

Any reason is good to start a healthy lifestyle, so try the healthy meals delivered straight to your door!

People who choose PowerMeal know that the menu is tailored to their caloric needs and guarantees to build the muscle mass they desire or reduce excess weight. Others simply don't have time for daily shopping and cooking and appreciate the convenience of boxed meals and the highest quality ingredients. Their menu is rich and varied, made of right foods. Whatever your goal is, by opting for a boxed diet, you are closer to achieving it.

Delicious meals to reach your fitness goals. Start now!

When you choose PowerMeal nutrition service, every day you have control over how much you eat, at what time, and you know that each portion is composed precisely according to your caloric needs and physique aims. You can wake up with the pleasant knowledge that your food is already waiting for you at the door from Monday to Friday. Every day we will make sure that your nutrition is well balanced, varied and simply delicious! You can choose individual ingredients or tell us which ones you do not like or are allergic to. By choosing our diet service without leaving home, every day you will eat deliciously and healthily! We offer vegan options for our delicious food as well!
Order your diet food now!
Do you want to eat properly according to your needs? Our food delivery service allows you to meet your training goals. You don't have to cook with this diet, but only wait for your food to be delivered. That's how it works!

Every our balance box allows you to meet your training goals. A great advantage is the sets we offer. Our clients receive five meals and great customer service every day. Delivery times vary according to where the customer lives - delivery can be in the morning or evening. One thing is sure; our balance box is always fresh! To check what time you can expect the delivery man - check the "our coverage" tab. If you are not sure if we deliver to your city? Check our delivery map.
Our customer reviews speak for themselves - you can't choose better meal plan - PowerMeal!

Any questions about the meal plans, balance box, weight loss, diet food or seasonal produce?

Write us an email, give us a call or post on Facebook. We are available for you at all times! Give us your home address, and we will verify whether we deliver meals to your city. Save time, shed weight with PowerMeal!

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