About PowerMeal

PowerMeal is one of the fastest-growing diet catering suppliers in the UK. The company is owned by Kamil Warzecha, whose personal interest in diet, training and a healthy lifestyle stems from his childhood overweight problems. As a teenager, he decided to change his lifestyle and focused on sport and proper nutrition. In 2016, he invited experienced nutritionists, cooks and personal trainers to work with him. He created a team of professionals who are passionate about arranging and implementing diets for clients.

What are we offering?
PowerMeal.co.uk offers a complete set of diets for active people and those wishing to lose weight. Vegetarians and people with limited tolerance to gluten and lactose will also find a suitable diet for themselves. Delivery of meals is free of charge. Customers pay only for the food. Prices of diets start from £ per day

Who are our clients?
Our clients range from those wishing to lose weight to those with special dietary needs. The number of clients who want to eat healthily, but simply do not have the time to prepare meals independently, is also multiplying.

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Why PowerMeal.co.uk?

Our greatest strengths include the diversity of our offer, the efficiency of our delivery, and our diets' affordability. Meals prepared by our cooks are healthy, tasty and professionally crafted. All diets are prepared under the supervision of a dietician, who ensures that each customer receives a diet tailored to their needs. We have extensive experience in athletes' nutrition, who, due to the high energy demand, often reach for the most caloric diets such as 'Samurai' with 3000 kcal per day. Nevertheless, there are also people among our clients to whom we deliver meals with a maximum value of 1000 kcal.

Philosophy of PowerMeal.co.uk

Good diet catering is not just about satisfying hunger but about providing the body with as many nutrients as possible. Our idea of a diet is a combination of knowledge and experience of people from different areas responsible for human development with the best natural products based on which the meals are created. In this way, we can be sure that the food we cook is tasty and, most importantly, healthy.