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How does a juice detox work? Juice cleanses for everyone!

Juice cleanses detox help your body to release from toxins, supports weight loss and makes you feel better just the next day! Unfortunately, eating habits (lack of healthy nutrition) can cause the body to become polluted and inflammatory properties. A cold pressed juice detox is one of the most effective forms for people who want to cleanse their bodies of toxins without losing water. It is worth doing it to feel better and gain a shapely figure - get rid of unnecessary kilograms, fat tissue, so you can show off what a flat belly you have.

Thanks to our juices, you will get rid of toxins from your body, and at the same time, you will strengthen it with vitamins and energy. You will see the effects of the diet immediately! You will undoubtedly enjoy your radiant, healthy complexion, improved skin condition (healthier digestive system), strong hair and nails! In addition, you will feel whole new energy and zest for life! No more problems with concentration! No worn-out feeling anymore! It will be a 180-degree change in your lifestyle! Take the challenge of the three-day juice cleansing detox! Kick start your day with energy!

How does a juice detox play out in practice? Have you ever tried juice cleanses?

PowerMeal detox is a 3-day juice diet. The juice cleanses usually last three days and come straight to your door - we will deliver a set of 4 specially composed smoothies + vegetable soup, prepared according to our nutritionists' guidelines! There will be different smoothies and freshly pressed juices made of fruits and vegetables, e.g. celery (from celery stalk). Such a cleansing diet will provide you with a substantial dose of vitamins and minerals, will cleanse your body of toxins and deposits in the intestines, and thus reduce a large percentage of your body weight (check our BMI calculator). High-quality fruits and vegetables, which we use to create a fresh juice diet, have a large amount of nutritional value needed by your body. Therefore it will be easy for you to follow the diet while cleansing your body. The juice diet will help you to remove toxins from your body. Moreover, it is an excellent introduction to a healthy lifestyle, which will allow your intestines to breathe a sigh of relief from the beginning.

Completing a cold pressed juice detox will undoubtedly result in a desire to continue a healthy lifestyle. However, remember that it is not recommended to follow a detox for more than a few days. Following this type of diet for too long can lead to nutritional deficiencies and ultimately end in a yo-yo effect. The juice diet is an ideal introduction, but it cannot be seen as means to an end. Once you have completed the juice cleanse diet, we encourage you to start a balanced diet. All Power meal diets offer a balanced diet of varying calories depending on the individual clients needs. If you decide to continue the cold pressed juice detox for a more extended period, the first thing you should do is consult a registered dietitian or doctor to confirm your decision.

The effect of the detox will be a better condition of the digestive system, which will translate into a much better mood and return of energy. You will forget about constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and all the unpleasant consequences of intestines, stomach or liver malfunctions - let the fruit juice clean your body. With a juice diet, you can also lose weight and show off at work how much going on a juice treatment has helped you. Your colleagues will certainly notice the difference, and you will start to feel confident and find that you can complete tasks with greater ease.

Ordering and delivery terms and conditions

The first juice detox delivery is always made on Tuesday of each week. The second and third sets of juices are delivered on Wednesday and Thursday.

The order is for 3-day delivery for one person. Questions?
If you still have any questions, it is best to contact our dietician, who knows our juices like no one else, who will dispel all your doubts and help you carry out the treatment in the right way. Once you have finished your juice diet, you can still continue the adventure of breaking away from bad eating habits. Together with Powermeal, you will easily say no to some familiar fast foods and decide to make a lifestyle change.

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