Trial Diet


Undecided on a particular diet type or the calorie count? Order a trial set! Five meals for the whole day!

When creating our sets, we focused on quality and the highest level of prepared nutritional concepts from the very beginning. Thanks to dieticians knowledge and experience, we have developed diets that are appreciated not only by clients but also by professional athletes.

The most popular diet is the standard diet. In addition, we offer gluten-free and lactose-free diets (Samurai and Paleo) as well as meat-free (Vege) and fish-free (Vege + Fish). We pay maximum attention to the quality of our products and strive to use natural, organic, and seasonal products. We do not use preservatives and enhancers but only natural and aromatic spices and herbs.


Enjoy the test for three days and save up to £20!

We have prepared an exceptional possibility

for each new client to use a test order, which allows you to buy any trial diet for up to 3 days at a special price. If you decide to order, e.g. the 3000 kcal ketogenic diet for three days, you will receive a discount of £20! Check it out – why do so many clients choose our service?

So how do I order a trial diet?

1. Go to order
2. Select the delivery area and then the diet, number of meals and calorie content
3. In the next step, click on "Trial order" and then select the days you are interested in (video below)
4. Enter your details, pay for your order and await the delivery!

Fat tissue reduction

Improvement of health

Growth of muscle mass

Better condition